Be prepared for your next visit

The integrity and accuracy of the data we record is incredibly important. Please see some helpful suggestions below to learn how you can help make the study a success.


Be sure to complete all 6 COS visits

All six stages of testing are crucial for the success of the study. To miss a stage would mean that your data could not be used in the final analysis.


COS Journals

The journal provided to you by your COS center is a very useful tool for tracking your activity levels and medications.

Please make use of it to ensure that the information you provide is as accurate as possible.

Click here to download a new copy of the journal pdf.


Pack everything you need for your visit

To ensure similar conditions for each visit, please come to each visit rested and wear similar shoes and bring any necessary walking aids


Book flights and hotels at least two months in advance

If you book your flights and hotels yourself, please remember to make reservations early to ensure you can get the flights and hotel of your choice and to keep costs down. We have a limited budget because the study is entirely funded by the Jain Foundation.