Diagnostic Resources: India

Dysferlin Genetic Analysis

The Jain Foundation, in partnership with CAMDND of Mumbai, offers guidance and registry placement assessment for people living in India. If you live in India and need support to obtain a genetic report or have been diagnosed with LGMD2B/Miyoshi Myopathy/Dysferlinopathy, please contact Dr. Rashna Dastur or Dr. Pradnya Gaitonde at CAMDND using the contact information below.

  • Centre for Advanced Molecular Diagnostics in Neuromuscular Disorders (CAMDND)
    194, Scheme No. 6, Road No 15 Sion-Koliwada, Sion, Mumbai 400022
    Tel. +91 22 2407 8300
    Dr. Rashna Dastur (rdastur@hotmail.com)
    Dr. Pradnya Gaitonde (psgaitonde@hotmail.com)