What have we learned so far?

All Clinical Outcome Study (COS) participants have completed their baseine visit and by the end of spring 2015, 70% will have completed their 1 year visit.  By November 2015, the first patients will complete their final visit. We have already begun analyzing the data and from this early analysis we are expecting to publish three papers by the end of 2015.

Our initial analysis is already providing exciting insights. Early MRI/MRS analysis shows significant changes over one year, so these imaging techniques could potentially be used in future clinical trials.  We're also learning how to improve the physiotherapy tests and seeing which tests are unnecessary. We have even discovered a few things that might improve the disease management!

Below are some graphs showing information about the participants of COS.  If you're a participant, you can look at the results below and see how you compare to other participants.  We will post more information as it becomes available.