Objective: To identify measurable differences between dysferlin deficient and control mice that can be used to evaluate new drugs.

Project Summary: PsychoGenics specializes in in vivo preclinical testing of therapeutics using a series of proprietary protocols called “Cube” technologies.  The Jain Foundation has selected two of PsychoGenics’ Cube protocols called NeuroCube and SmartCube to identify behavioral and physiologic differences between dysferlin deficient BLAJ and C57BL/6 control mice at 3, 6, 9 and 12 months of age.  If significant differences in BLAJ and control mice can be identified using one of the “cube” technologies, that module will be used to determine if selected drugs make BLAJ mice behave more similar to control mice.  PsychoGenics will also test whether fatigability of the hind limbs in normal and dysferlin mice can be used as a read out for preclinical drug testing.