Regenerative capacity of hypothermic treatment in induced human satellite cells

Satellite cells, characterized by the transcription factor Pax7, are the proper stem cells of the adult skeletal muscle. They have an enormous capacity for self-renewal and superb potential for muscle regeneration. It has only recently been recognized that muscle regeneration cannot occur when satellite cells are absent. However, satellite cells are notoriously difficult to study due to their low abundance and their dispersed location in the specific stem-cell niche, the space between basal lamina and sarcolemma of skeletal muscle.


Overly-optimistic portrayal of stem cell research in the media gives false hope

Researchers analyzed newspaper articles on stem cells from 2010-2013 and found almost 70% of the articles reported that treatments would be available in 5-10 years or earlier, but these timelines are unsupported by scientific research. These inaccurate timelines give false hope and can lead patients to seek out unproven stem cell therapies.


Dennis G. Drescher, PhD

Wayne State University

Dr. Drescher is Professor and Director of Molecular Biology in the Department of Otolaryngology and Biochemistry-Molecular Biology at Wayne State University (Detroit, MI).

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Joseph A Roche, P.T., PhD

Wayne State University

Dr. Roche is an assistant professor in the department of Health Care Sciences at Wayne State University (Detroit, MI).

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