Determination of the Site and the Size of Membrane Tears in Dysferlinopathy

Daniel Stockholm, PhD

Genethon (Evry, France)

Dr. Stockholm is head of the Imaging-Cytometry Laboratory of Généthon (Evry, France).

Past Projects

Characterize the size and location of membrane tears that occur in dysferlin-deficient muscle during physiological injury

It has been shown by the use of a membrane repair assay using a two-photon laser-scanning microscope that dysferlin-deficient muscle fibers in vitro are defective in membrane repair. However, dysferlin’s role in adult muscle after physiological injury in situ is unclear. This study will challenge the precise determination of membrane tears in dysferlin-deficient mice compared with wild type mice by the use of fluorescent markers. By using fluorescence microscopy on histological section or on intact muscle of a dysferlin-deficient mouse injected with various sizes of fluorescent molecules we plan to indirectly determine the size and sites and part of the dynamic of membrane tears.