High Throughput Proteomic Screening to Identify Dysferlin Interaction Partners

Silvère van der Maarel, PhD

Leiden University Medical Center (Leiden The, Netherlands)

Dr. van der Maarel is a professor in the Department of Human Genetics at Leiden University Medical Center (Leiden, The Netherlands).

Past Projects

Conduct proteomic screening to identify proteins which interact with dysferlin

Although it is known that dysferlin deficiency causes muscle weakness, the mechanisms by which this occurs are not known. Identification of proteins which interact with dysferlin will help to define the role which dysferlin plays in cells and the pathological mechanism in dysferlin deficiency. This project conducts a high throughput screening and analysis of proteins which bind to dysferlin.

Outcome: Several previously-identified dysferlin interaction partners were confirmed and additional partners were identified. This work has been published and follow-up investigation of the proteins and pathways is contemplated.