Laser Wounding Model Comparison

Daniel Stockholm, PhD

Genethon (Evry, France)

Dr. Stockholm is head of the Imaging-Cytometry Laboratory of Généthon (Evry, France).

Past Projects

Compare laser wounding on different types of dysferlin-deficient cells to look for systematic differences

Since 2003, the role of dysferlin in sarcolemmal repair has been the main explanation for the pathological mechanism of dysferlinopathy. Such a role was demonstrated by the use of a membrane repair assay using a two-photon laser-scanning microscope on dysferlin-deficient muscle fibers in vitro. However, dysferlin’s role in adult muscle after physiological injury in situ is unclear. Furthermore, the role of dysferlin in various cellular models has not been clearly elucidated. We propose to use the laser wounding assay to compare within different dysferlin deficient models the potential of membrane repair in isolated myofibers and cultured cells (primary myoblasts and myotubes). Such systematic approach using the recognised method will help to clarify the effect of cell culture in the role of dysferlin in membrane repair.