Dysferlin cDNA Clones

Four full length dysferlin cDNAs are available to dysferlin researchers free of charge, upon direct request to the Jain Foundation (see instructions below).

  1. Human dysferlin - original   (accession #NM_003494*)
    View plasmid map and sequence information.
  2. Human dysferlin - v1   (accession #DQ267935)
    Exon 1 variant of Human dysferlin.
    View plasmid map and sequence information.
  3. Mouse dysferlin - transcript variant 2   (accession #NM_001077694)
    Similar to Human dysferlin - original.
    View plasmid map and sequence information.
  4. Mouse dysferlin - transcript variant 1   (accession #NM_021469)
    Similar to Human dysferlin - v1.
    View plasmid map and sequence information.

All 4 cDNAs are provided in the pDONR221 plasmid, which can be used as an entry vector for Invitrogen’s gateway system.  There are also several restriction sites available for traditional cloning.  Please view the example restriction digest confirming the identity of the plasmids. Additional information about the known dysferlin splice variants is also available.

*Note: NCBI Reference Sequence NM_003494.2 has been updated to NM_003494.3 since the creation of these plasmids. There is a one nucleotide base pair change between the two sequences, but the protein sequence is identical.


To request any/all of these cDNAs from the Jain Foundation, please download the request form and fill it out with your express mail address, mark and sign that you agree to the conditions of use, and return your request to the Jain Foundation by emailing admin@jain-foundation.org (preferred), fax or mail to:

Jain Foundation Inc.
9725 Third Avenue NE, Suite 204
Seattle, Washington 98115
Fax: 425-882-1050


All of these plasmids are also available from Addgene.

Link to Plavi Mittal Lab Plasmids