Mouse Models: SCID/BLAJ

SCID/BLAJ mice (B6.Cg-Dysfprmd Prkdcscid/J


Jackson Laboratories stock #017917

The first SCID/BLAJ mouse model of dysferlinopathy was created by Dr. Ivan Torrente by backcrossing dysferlin deficient BLA/J mice onto the SCID strain while selecting for the retrotransposon insertion in intron 4 of the dysferlin gene, as well as the absence of specific B- and T- lymphocyte markers (CD4, CD8, and CD19) in cells isolated from peripheral blood. The result is a dysferlin deficient animal model that is also deficient in B and T lymphocytes, and thus more amenable to transplantation studies. Dr. Torrente made the mouse available to the reserach community in a private colony through the Jain Foundation, but due to low usage, the colony was cryopreserved.

The Jackson Laboratories created a second strain of SCID/BLAJ mice in their own laboratories in 2012, which are currently available in live repository.

An ETn retrotransposon (5-6kb) is inserted in intron 4 of the dysferlin gene.


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