Patient Stories: Sharon

In 1985, I began noticing weakness in my legs. Also, quite infrequently, I would drop things. I was 34 years old and was dating my soon-to-be husband. We went to the lake often and would water ski. He began telling me I seemed too weak. I really hadn’t thought about it but my grip was not strong enough to hold the ski rope and my legs at times were too weak to push me out of the water. We were married in November of that year.

In March 1986, my doctor found that I had a high CPK count and said there was a definite problem with my muscles. I began a series of tests including a muscle biopsy. I had a second biopsy and continued through the years to be evaluated. I continued to get progressively weaker and retired from teaching in 1995. By this time, it was difficult to get out of a chair, go up and down stairs, and carry books. My last year of teaching was a real effort for me.

About three years ago, I was contacted by my doctor about the Jain Foundation. With my doctor’s help, I contacted them, which led to my being genetically tested. Finally, after all these years, I was diagnosed as having LGMD2B. I so appreciate the opportunity given me by the Jain Foundation to finally discover the cause of my weakness.

I am now in a wheelchair but feel that I am very blessed and live a happy fulfilled life. I have a wonderfully supportive husband, 2 caring children, and 6 awesome grandchildren. Life is good! Thank you Jain Foundation for giving me the opportunity to finally find the cause of my muscle weakness.


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