Strategies to Improve Myofiber Survival in Dysferlin-deficient Skeletal Muscle

Joseph Roche, PhD

University of Maryland Medical School (Baltimore, MD)

Dr. Roche is an assistant professor in working in the laboratory of Dr. Robert Bloch in the Department of Physiology in the School of Medicine at the University of Maryland (Baltimore, MA).

Past Projects

To use electrophysiological, biochemical, histological and genetic methods to: i. Study the events leading to delayed myofiber death in murine dysferlinopathic muscle following injurious lengthening contractions performed in vivo, and ii. Assess the effect of enhanced mitochondrial biogenesis on myofiber survival.

This project focuses on early changes in healthy and dysferlinopathic murine skeletal muscle that might be linked to myofiber survival in the former and myofiber death in the latter following physiological injuries.  Studies will also examine if increasing mitochondrial biogenesis by manipulating the expression of the transcription cofactor PGC-1alpha helps improve myofiber survival in dysferlinopathic murine muscle.