Developing a Multi-Pronged Strategy for the Clinical Management of Dysferlinopathies

Joseph A Roche, P.T., PhD

Wayne State University

Dr. Roche is an assistant professor in the department of Health Care Sciences at Wayne State University (Detroit, MI).

Past Projects

The broad objective of our research is to develop a better understanding of how skeletal muscles adapt to mechanical loading from exercise.

Our data from earlier studies funded by the Jain Foundation suggest that intense loading of dysferlin-deficient murine skeletal muscle during exercise, does not cause acute muscle damage, but rather, causes extensive damage and inflammation that accrues over several days after loading.  Our current Jain Foundation funded project is aimed at developing exercise programs that have the potential to reduce post-exercise muscle damage and inflammation in dysferlin-deficient skeletal muscle.  We anticipate that our studies will provide useful information regarding exercise to patients with dysferlinopathies, and to their caregivers and health professionals.