Dysferlin-null zebrafish

Dysferlin null and other knock out zebrafish lines are available from Dr. Peter Currie at Monash University in Australia. These fish models were created using zinc finger technology from Sigma. Most of them have related phenotypes but they have not been characterized in detail yet, contact Dr. Currie for more details.

Available Lines:

  • Dysferlin
  • Alpha-Dystrobrevin
  • Alpha-Sarcoglycan
  • ANKAK2
  • Beta-Parvin
  • Collagen-6-alpha1
  • FKRP
  • FKTN
  • Integrin-A7
  • Myoferlin-1
  • Myoferlin-2
  • Otoferlin-1
  • Otoferlin-2
  • Sepn-1

More information on some knock out lines is available by download.



Because these fish lines are still unpublished, they are only available though a collaboration with Dr. Currie. These fish were made through a collaboration with Sigma and to use the fish, researchers must sign an MTA. Please email Dr. Currie at peter.currie@monash.edu for more information and to request the fish.