Bradley Williams, PhD

Director of Research & Diagnostic Innovation

Dr. Williams earned his Ph.D. in Applied Physics from Cornell University and previously worked as a physicist at the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, DC. He is also a self-taught expert on dysferlinopathy and has a long history of involvement in the dysferlin field. He created the first website about dysferlin deficiency in 2001.

Dr. Williams has been an advisor to the Jain Foundation since its inception in 2005 and joined the foundation full time in 2015. His extensive knowledge of the key players and findings in the dysferlin field has been an invaluable resource for foundation. Dr. Williams serves as a member of the Jain Foundation Scientific Advisory Board and provides advice primarily on projects related to medical physics, promising therapeutic drug candidates, patient diagnosis, and dysferlinopathy disease progression / natural history.  He also assists with interactions, education, and recruitment of individuals with dysferlinopathy through various social media platforms.