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Research Tools

The Jain Foundation actively seeks to identify and fund the development of research tools and resources that are needed to advance research in the dysferlin field. Below are links to information regarding DNA constructs, mouse models, cell lines, and antibodies available for research.  Please note that there may be other resources the Jain Foundation is aware of that aren’t listed here.  If there is a dysferlin reagent you need we would encourage you to reach out to us at to see if it is something we could help you obtain.

In addition, we’re happy to answer questions about which antibodies, cell lines, or animal model may be most useful for a planned study, and to facilitate contact with developers of those resources.  We offer this assistance to all qualified researchers in the dysferlin field, even for projects not supported by the Jain Foundation.

DNA Constructs

Wild-type and mutant
dysferlin cDNA constructs

Animal Models

Dysferlin deficient
mouse and zebrafish lines

Cell Lines

Human and mice
immortalized cell lines


Dysferlin antibodies that
span the entire protein


Purified dysferlin protein,
human biospecimens, data sets