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Jain Foundation Dysferlin Conference

Because dysferlinopathy is such a rare disease, most conferences do not have many presentations on dysferlinopathy. Consequently, the Jain Foundation hosts a conference specifically focused on dysferlin. The Jain Foundation Dysferlin Conference is the only meeting of its kind and focuses specifically on the latest research on dysferlin and the related clinical presentations caused by mutations in dysferlin.  We have held 8 conferences since 2007 with the latest being held May 8-11, 2024, in Houston, TX. Each conference has been an excellent opportunity to invite leading scientists, clinicians, and industry partners from around the world to share their research (mostly unpublished), discuss new ideas, and establish collaborations all with the goal of accelerating the identification of treatments for dysferlinopathy. If you would like to be put on a mailing list to be notified when we schedule our next conference, please email us at


The Jain Foundation’s 2024 Dysferlin Conference was a great success.  We had over 100 participants who came together for a singular purpose: to better understand and treat dysferlinopathy.  For 73% of the attendees, this was their first Dysferlin Conference, which reflects the field’s growth as we harness the expertise of new researchers, clinicians, and drug developers to help translate discoveries into medicines. During the four intensive days of the Dysferlin Conference, there were 38 talks, 25 posters, several in-depth discussion sessions, and a very successful Community Member Workshop for Connection.  Covered topics ranged from the structure of dysferlin to clinical trial design considerations, with the conference presentations providing data and ideas to tackle many important questions in the dysferlin field, such as what does dysferlin do and how does the loss of dysferlin lead to the disease.  We encourage you to read the program summaries to learn the most up-to-date information about dysferlin research and use the provided contact information to ask further questions, discuss novel ideas, and establish collaborations. Our strength is in our collective interests and unique perspectives with each new contribution bolstering our understanding of dysferlinopathy and how to help those it affects.

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