Abstract Submission


Abstract Submission

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Abstract Submission Deadline:  October 15th, 2023

Note: you need to register for the conference and get a registration ID number before you can submit an oral or poster abstract. Your conference registration ID will be required on these forms.

For questions and concerns please email conference@jain-foundation.org or call 425-882-1492

Abstract Submission Information

The goal of the Dysferlin Conference is to facilitate discussion on focused topics related to dysferlin and clearly define what is known, what is not, and what the next steps ought to be.  Please keep this in mind when choosing the data you would like to present.  Presentation of work describing your current/ongoing research is highly preferred.  Both the abstract and presentation should focus on presenting data and conclusions with the background kept to the bare minimum. Since all those attending the Dysferlin Conference are already working in the field and knowledgeable about dysferlin, general background regarding dysferlin is not needed.

Please use the provided links to submit both oral and poster abstracts. You are NOT limited to only one submission. Please submit as many abstracts as you feel are relevant. However, you will need to submit oral and poster abstracts separately and the person submitting the abstract(s) must be the presenting author. Please note that the decision whether your submission(s) are accepted, as well as the type and length of the presentation(s) is at the complete discretion of the Jain Foundation. Please note that you will need to provide a portrait layout picture of yourself with your abstract. The file needs to be a JPG and have a maximum file size of 20 MB.  It can be the same picture you used during registration.

Each abstract is limited to 250 words. The Jain Foundation will notify you with additional details when your abstract is accepted.

Oral and poster abstracts must be submitted no later than October 15, 2023. The Jain Foundation will let you know what kind of presentation(s) your submission(s) have been accepted for no later than October 25, 2023. If you do not hear from us by October 25, 2023, please email conference@jain-foundation.org. If for some reason your abstract is not accepted and this affects your ability to attend the conference, your registration fee will be fully refunded.

Abstract revisions, name changes, and withdrawal

For any changes or withdrawals to either oral or poster abstract please email conference@jain-foundation.org.