• About the Disease

    LGMD2B/Miyoshi Myopathy (collectively called dysferlinopathy) are rare forms of muscular dystrophy caused by mutations in the dysferlin gene. For the disease to occur both copies of the dysferlin gene must be defective (recessive inheritance).
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  • Clinical Outcome Study

    An opportunity to participate in a clinical research study that is essential for defining outcome measures for clinical trials by measuring how these conditions develop and progress. Without good clinical outcomes, effective clinical trials cannot be performed.
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  • Importance of Genetic Diagnosis

    Since multiple forms of muscular dystrophy can have similar clinical symptoms, genetic analysis is the only definitive way to confirm your diagnosis of LGMD2B / Miyoshi. The Jain Foundation can help you obtain this genetic analysis.
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  • Therapeutic Strategies

    The absence of functional dysferlin leads to a chain of events that cause muscle degeneration. The Jain Foundation is pursuing therapeutic strategies to block disease progression at every stage. This flowchart provides an overall summary.
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